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OTA Mercantile is a wonderful store full of merchandise that takes you back to your younger years, thoughts of family, grandparents, and we understand how difficult it is to have to make decisions to re-organize one's life's possessions or find someone to assist you in helping with that re-organization, reduction or divesting of those material items.  We are dedicated to ensure an experience that exemplifies the highest levels of compassion and integrity  that provides the best customer service.  Deciding to have an Estate Sale and the life events surrounding such a decision is one we handle with professionalism, respect and with warmth and understanding.  OTA Estate Sales' mission is to make the Estate Sale process simple and seamless for our customers. 


We will work with you to customize their services to the individual client's needs, timelines and end goals. We provide are a full service estate sale company that will provide all levels of service including evaluations, appraisals, donations, recycling, downsizing, organizing and hauling. OTA Mercantile and OTA Estate Sales specializes in Antiques & Collectibles and we work directly with families, attorneys, estate planners, executors, local charities and realtors.

Please fill out the inquiry form below and I will contact you to discuss your needs. Our consultation at no charge!! Don't delay looking at your options so that you can to maximize results and minimize time to complete the activity. Estate Sales can require time and effort depending on size, research, organizing, photos and advertising.  Don't worry, we will take care of it all!  


Fill out the form below for a consultation!! We are here to make this as painless, stress-free and remove feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated and ensure you have a successful sale.


Our Services...

Estate Sale (online or on premise)

Timing: 6-12 weeks

Fees: 40% of Sale Proceeds

Estate liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of their personal property to facilitate a move.  This process requires planning, research (for higher end items), possible investigation for collectors or groups with special interest, and a marketing plan to get the word out. This is all done to maximize the monetary return. At times, we can pull in the timeline, depending on the client’s ultimate objective(s).

Secondary Sale

Timing: 4 - 8 weeks

Fees: Individual contract prices vary. 60% of sale proceeds go towards contract fees.

This sale is a hybrid “estate” type sale, with a goal to clear a home and offset the costs to clear the home.  This method is used to expedite the estate sale process while the ultimate goal is to remove belongs/assets and when many items are not estate quality. The sale is managed in a secondary market with prices somewhere between estate and lower market prices. Many clients use this method when downsizing, moving and/or moving to senior living facilities or when expedience is the ultimate goal. The goal is used to clear a home with a timeline < 60 days to completion. Deposit required upon contract signing. Proceeds in excess of contract amount is issued to client/estate. Any balance is settled at the close of the sale.

Home Clear

Timing: 2 - 4 weeks

Fees: Individual contract prices vary. 50% at contract signing, 50% when clear is completed.

Complete removal of all household items, waste, hazardous materials, recycle and personal property to a "bare walls, bare floors" standard. This is the quickest of all our services. Does not include cleaning services.


Timing: Varies

Fees: 50% once item is sold

Individual items consigned with the store and are available from 1-90 days. This is used for one or 2 items that may have a better chance of maximizing return.

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