Police Badges Fabric Face Mask

Police Badges Fabric Face Mask


If we are going to have to have to wear masks for a little while, how about indiviudality in your mask wardrobe. We love our first responders and LEO's so we will try to add to this selection. Please use our chat box or send an email to OTAMercantile@gmail.com on other public service workers so that we can confirm fabric first. If it is pictured, we still have the fabric available. As we get more inventory, we will add pictures.


These masks are 4 ply (3 ply cotton fabric and 1 ply in a webbed/fused, cotton interface) We are not scientists or doctors, but the articles going around show this mask is on of the highest % of protections outside the n95  If you are looking to be an individual AND be protected by PPE this mask is the one. This mask is washable, just be careful to not iron the elastic bands. If you are wearing your mask for long periods of time, to prevent ear fatique, check out our mask, comfort-fit mask extender.


We love our community and many of us are sewing to keep our health professionals safe. We know you do too and every time you see the news, you may want to know how you can help if you can't sew. You can buy for yourself, loved ones, high risk or donate. Please use PROMO CODE: WeLoveOurLeos for a 20% discount on this mask only.


Size Selection Recommendation:

(L) Large - Most men will require this size unless your face is unusually smaller

(M) Medium - Most women and teens will require a medium

(S) Small - normally fits 6-12 years of age

(XS) Extra Small - normally fits 3-6 years of age

(XXS) Toddle 2-3 years of age


These mask are handmade, 4-ply, with a nose piece (allows for a secure fit) and an opening built in so you can add a filter (heap vacuum bag, coffee filter or maybe you can find the rectangular carbon filters available online) for more protection. These are washable and are made with love and high quality work. 


If your in need of a mask, please order here. 


Thank you and stay safe and be blessed!



These fabric masks are made with 100% cotton woven fabrics are not meant to replace PPE or N95 masks. No claims are made that this will replace an N95 or other PPE approved mask. The CDC has recently stated that fabric masks are acceptable in the Crisis Capacity.

This mask is not intended to replace an N95 mask. Fabric masks will help with the spread of germs, providing a barrier of protection when hospital approved masks are not available. AGAIN, we are making NO claims that they will prevent you or others from getting ill or being exposed to any pathogen or hazards, COVID 19, etc. This is simply a barrier mask/droplet precautions mask.  

For more information visit the CDC website or the link below.

Wearing a homemade fabric face mask will not prevent some from catching COVID-19, but it can help with the spread of larger particles in the air if someone who is infected coughs or sneezes. I make no claims that they will protect from any type of pathogen or hazard including COVID-19.

  • Notice

    We are not helth professional but have read the 4-ply material, cotton mask gives between 70-90% protection. If you add a filter it is even higher. Please use caution to not contaminate yourself by touching your mask and disinfect by washing or steaming frequently. Social distancing is the best way to stay healthy, but if you have to go out, make sure you protect yourself.