"Your Company Logo" Face Mask
  • "Your Company Logo" Face Mask

    We now are offering masks with company logos that other businesses can use for their workers, home delivery or service industry-people and also not only for swag to give out to customers, but masks they could potentially sell to fans and customers. These masks are made right here, locally, hand crafted and for now, we have been able to keep up with less than a week turn around. We offer silk screen, high quality, heated-vinyl application and could also do embroidery. 
    Prices will vary depending on application and number of colors. To order just one we charge $22.95 but once we create the logo, we can offer a reduced amount per mask. Please keep in mind the masks are not made in mass and are quality. We feel to give others confidence in feeling protected, we do not want to reduce our quality of materials nor craftmanship. 
    Pricing for most of our 1 to 2 color vinyl logos (we would need to review the logo before giving you a final price).  We also will do our best to obtain the color of material and or themes but the customer should note, to select colors we do not have may add weeks to an order’s turn around time. 
    Qty 1 - 5 is $22.95 each
    Qty 6 – 25 is $20.95 each 
    Qty 26 – 50 $18.95 each 
    Qty 51-100 $16.95 each 
    Qty 100+ will be quoted and lead times can vary depending on how many orders we have as we service order as a first come, first serve basis. 
    Here is the information on our masks. They are 100% cotton material. 4 ply masks are 3 ply cotton and 1 ply fused interface which puts the masks in a very high protective %. They are washable and reusable and because we have upgraded to the new fusable interface, there is no need to add any additional filters. We also sourced an soft aluminum 6mm width for the nose piece which allows the wearer fit the mask snuggly around their nose and will not rust. All our masks are made from a hand selected seamstresses. We offer a variety of sizes: 
    Size Selection Recommendation:
    (L) Large - Most men will require this size unless your face is unusually smaller
    (M) Medium - Most women and teens will require a medium
    (S) Small - normally fits 6-12 years of age
    (XS) Extra Small - normally fits 3-6 years of age
    (XXS) Toddle 2-3 years of age
    Thank you and stay safe and be blessed!
    These fabric masks are made with 100% cotton woven fabrics are not meant to replace PPE or N95 masks. No claims are made that this will replace an N95 or other PPE approved mask. The CDC has recently stated that fabric masks are acceptable in the Crisis Capacity.
    This mask is not intended to replace an N95 mask. Fabric masks will help with the spread of germs, providing a barrier of protection when hospital approved masks are not available. AGAIN, we are making NO claims that they will prevent you or others from getting ill or being exposed to any pathogen or hazards, COVID 19, etc. This is simply a barrier mask/droplet precautions mask.  
    For more information visit the CDC website or the link below.
    Wearing a homemade fabric face mask will not prevent some from catching COVID-19, but it can help with the spread of larger particles in the air if someone who is infected coughs or sneezes. I make no claims that they will protect from any type of pathogen or hazard including COVID-19.